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Breathe in. Breathe out.

The nose is a symbol of pure life force. 

In ancient Egypt statues were believed to have life force and that is why we can find so many ancient statues without their noses... The most efficient way to extinguish that force and defeat (the representation of) your enemy was to cut off their nose. It was a very symbolic act connected to LIFE.

Wear the nose as a reminder of being right here - right now.

Life begins and ends with a breathe.

18 karat yellow gold.

ca 5.5 x 16 mm

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MAISON collection
This is a celebration of the inward gaze. It is about great depths and vast oceans.
An observation of the simple beauty of the facade:
the entrance to what is both abstract and crystal clear.


MIALEVIN is all the things that fit inside a heart. Precious dreams and tiny life amulets: Sculptured poetry made out of 18 karat gold, sapphires and diamonds. A never-ending collection of imperfect dreams.