Posie - Posy -Posey Posie - Posy -Posey

Posie - Posy -Posey

By Maria Engh Levin

Posie - Posy -Posey Posie - Posy -Posey

Emotions are BIG - How can you make them fit on the inside of a golden ring?

500 years ago the most romantic gift you could receive was a gold ring with a poetic inscription > A POSIE RING.

Actually the ring was not just a sign for romantic love. It could also be an expression of friendship. They even functioned as religious talismans.

It was a true power ring which got its name from the french word "poésie" - meaning a short rhyme. Today it is called a posie, posey or posy ring.

I absolutely LOVE how serious,funny and creative they were while finding the best way to describe what was so big and heartfelt.

The result?

Emotions in a ring > so simple and strong at the same time.