”Love the wave. Be the ocean." is my mantra. It is my philosophy about how to live your life to the fullest by embracing all that you are. It is about feeling your way through life. To open up and bloom by allowing yourself to manifest your emotions and be mad, glad, sad. We are made out of all these beautiful, delicate, soft, fragile, colourful and magic layers. When we open up to all the colours of the rainbow, when we love the wave - we become the ocean.

Mia Engh Levin is a Swedish jeweller with a fascination for sculpture, emotions and human stories.  She creates precious dreams and tiny life amulets out of gold, sapphires and diamonds.

"I love magic, nature, the perfection of imperfection, stones, rhythm, stories, 
rituals, life, death, emotions, symbolism, the surreal, the soul, appreciation & nostalgia."

Life is a beautiful adventure - an emotional universe. 
By transferering the energy of emotions into fine jewellery ~ I live it.
It is a true love story!